Tales of cold winter climbs, backpacking and skiing trips, not all of them successful, along with articles on mountaineering, whitewater, photography and more.
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November 4, 2001.


Today's Weather on Mt. Washington, NH, USA - Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeast United States, is known for having the "World's Worst Weather." View a live picture from the summit and check the current avalanche conditions in Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines. The Mount Washington Observatory, located on the top of Mount Washington, is a private, non-profit, membership organization, created in 1932 to observe and record the extreme weather conditions of Mount Washington, conduct scientific research at that location, and promote public safety in the White Mountains.

The Weather Underground - The Weather Underground Inc. is a leading provider of weather data via the Internet, and specializes in real-time internet data distribution, and the reformatting of weather data into text, HTML, and imagery products.

Space Science and Engineering Center - SSEC explores the universe from space-based telescopes, sometimes helping to probe other planets in our solar system, but more often looking down to gain information and insights into weather, climate, and other aspects of our global environment. They distribute data and develop software for use by researchers and operational meteorologists all over the world.

The Aurora Page - Information, links and images about the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are nature's light show, inspiring superstition, mythology and fairy tales. Since the beginning of time there have been many beliefs about the northern lights. More exact explanations of the phenomenon could not be given until modern particle physics were developed and knowledge of the earth's magnetosphere had been gathered from orbital satellites.

Storm Chaser and Spotter Video Tips - Improve the quality of your action sequences with these tips for chases, storms, tornadoes, and extreme weather.

WeatherMatrix - Jesse Ferrell's WeatherMatrix blog covers extreme weather worldwide with a concentration on weather photos and Social Media.

Lightning Photography - Photographing lightning is special. Not all storm chasers are into lightning photography, but to some, there is no better way to cap off a successful storm chase day than with a successful lightning night. Learning lightning photography is not easy, since it's tough to get proper exposures. There are several different techniques for lightning, but they depend on having some proper equipment.

Ohio Storm Chasers - Storm chasers are people who try to get close to storms for the purposes of observation or science. A couple of chasers have been chasing storms since the 1940s and 1950s, an amazing feat when you consider how little information was available for them to figure out where the storms were. Now, many - but not all - storm chasers travel with laptop computers, anemometers (for measuring wind), portable weather stations and other equipment, as well as a variety of video and still cameras.

OhioSevere.com - Severe weather source for the Ohio Valley, providing forecast and severe weather information to chasers, spotters and the general public.

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